6-foot Wall Mounted Hanging Koa Canoe

6-foot Wall Mounted Hanging Koa Canoe


This medium wall hanging canoe is simple to hang. Just put a couple of screws into the wall a few feet apart , attach hooks on the side of the rail of the canoe and lock it into the wall. Comes with six paddles attached to the front of each seat with the paddles on the opposite side of the seat. You can display these koa canoes on a wall with included koa wall mounts or display the canoe on a large table.


A personal case will be made for shipping outside the island of O'ahu


As these wall hanging canoes are SPECIAL ORDERS ONLY, please contact artist before ordering.

It can take 3-6 weeks to make.



    Full Length: 6'

    Hull Width: 3.5"

    Hull Height: 4"

    Far side of hull to Ama width: 15"


    Stringing: Black hemp cord