Hawaiian Curly Mango Wood Pet Urn

Hawaiian Curly Mango Wood Pet Urn

Mango Pet Urns come in size small - Holding up to 18 pounds.


The current batch of mango urns are Chocolate heart of the mango plank. It’s known for its distinctive black lines running through the mango.


All the koa pets urns are finished in a satin lacquer finish. The bottom covers are an exotic Zebra wood with black felt on the back of the Zebra wood to help seal in the ashes with four screws.


Natural wood varies in grain and color. As not two items are exactly alike, contact the Artist for choice of items in stock.



    • Dimensions: 3”wide x 3.5” long x 3.3” high.
    • Can accommodate 18 pound of pet ashes.
    • Chocolate Heart Mango Plank available