Medium Koa Hawaiian Island Chain Wall Art

Medium Koa Hawaiian Island Chain Wall Art

This is the medium size of the Koa Hawaiian Islands fits well on a 5-7’ wall. The Big Island (or the Hawai’i Island has a dimension 11.5” x 11.5” x 1” thick). The 3 dimension hand carved islands comes with 8 Individual islands. Each island comes with a saw tooth hanger on the back of the island to easily hang on the wall.


On the back of each Big Island, the artist will sign it, as well as sign Kalai Koa Woods and Made in Hawai’i.


Natural wood varies in grain and color. As no two items are exactly alike, contact the artist for choice of items in stock.


    • Fits on a 5-7' wall
    • 8 Individually hand-craft islands
    • Easy to Hang
    • Signed by Artist
    • Wood: Solid Koa

    • Natural oil finish will give the islands a more matte look
    • Satin Laquer finish has a shiny appearance