Koa Pickleball Paddle - Oval

Koa Pickleball Paddle - Oval

Koa Pickleball Paddle comes in 3 styles. This is the oval style.


Each paddle is finished in a satin lacquer finish, making laser engraving very easy.

The Pickleball paddles normally will have an exotic wood inlay in the center of the paddle of either koa, curly mango or curly maple.


They are very durable and can be used for playing. If you choose to play the game with the paddle, you just need to put a grip on the handle.


They can be displayed with a wall mount (additional $25) or with a table top stand (additional $40).


Natural wood varies in grain and color. As no two items are exaclty alike, contact the Artist for choice of items in stock.



    Length: 15.75"

    Width: 8.25" (paddle head)

    Thickness: 3/8"



    will vary between 9.5oz to 13oz.

PriceFrom $125.00