Kalai Koa Woods

4-4 Self Standing Wine Bottle and Glass Holder (#2)

These self standing 4-4 wine glass holders are made with koa and mango or koa wood inlays.  It's a great way to display your favorite wine and holds up to four glasses.  s are a fun way to keep your door open.  They are all made with koa.  You can simply slide your wine bottle in and out of the stand and unhook the wine glasses when ready to serve.  They make great gifts for weddings and house warming and holidays.  Available in sizes small or large (dimensions may vary).

Base Length: 17"

Base Width: 7"

Top Length: 13" 

Top Width: 7"

Height: 12"

Wood: Koa with koa or mango inlay 

Price: $145 + tax* 

*+ shipping outside of O'ahu


Shipping and Handling Options

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