Kalai Koa Woods

Ukulele/Guitar Holders (#UKE1)

These holders will display your ukulele or guitar on the wall safely. It is a solid koa wall mount requiring a screw in the wall and it will lock in. Designed to fit all standard ukuleles and guitars. To mount the ukulele/guitar, you slide it between the hooks with the narrow part of the neck, and drop it down for a snug fit. The back of the ukulele/guitar will sit just off the wall. To take the ukulele/guitar off the wall, simply lift up and slide toward you. 

Length: 3.5"

Width: 3" (guitar size will be a little wider to fit the guitar neck)

Height: 2"

Openning width: 1 5/8" 

Ukulele Holder Price: $46 + tax*

Guitar Holder Price: $51 + tax*

*+ shipping outside of O'ahu


Shipping and Handling Options

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