Kalai Koa Woods

Slippah Napkin/Mail Holders (#8)

These unique napkin/mail holders make a great conversation piece when guests are over.  The slippers are set at a 22 degree angle and cemented into the koa foot block, designed to naturally hold napkins or mail great.  You can pull one out and the rest of the napkins/envelopes will stay in place.  

Foot Length: 8" 

Foot Width: 4"

Slipper Height: 7" 

Slipper Colors: Brown, green, blue, gray, orange

Slipper Designs: Turtle or Turtle-Canoe-Fish combo 

Wood: Koa

Price: $35 + tax* 

*+ shipping outside of O'ahu


Shipping and Handling Options
Color/Design Options

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