Kalai Koa Woods

Large Mango/Koa Six Man Racing Canoe (#88) 

This curly mango hull has a unique look.  They call it the chocolate heart, which comes from the center part of the tree.  So, not only does it have the more traditional creamier and yellow lighter colors, it also has the chocolate and black colors as well from the chocolate heart.  The rest of the canoe's tops, rails, cross bars, and ama are made with curly koa.  Each comes with a koa stand and six koa/maple wood paddles that sit in the stand.  A personal case will be made for shipping outside the island of O'ahu.

Full length: 3'11"

Far side of hull to ama width: 8.75"

Hull wideth: 2.2"

Height: 2.3"

Wood: Curly koa and mango

Stringing: Black hemp cord

Price: $2,000.00 + tax*

*+ shipping outside of O'ahu

$100 extra for shipping case


Shipping and Handling Options

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