Kalai Koa Woods

How canoes are made

Greg Eaves crafts Koa canoes in his work shop on the Island of Oahu.  The Koa lumber however, is purchased from the Big Island of Hawai'i and then undergoes a year or two drying process (depending on the thickness of the wood) at Greg's work shop.  Once the Koa has been acclimated and dried, Greg can begin crafting new Koa products.

Greg's Koa and Mango wood canoes are known around the state of Hawai'i for its great variety of wood used in constructing the canoes.  Greg's craftsmanship is reknown for the beauty of his canoes and also for his detailed paddles and stands.  His miniature paddles are made with Koa and Maple wood inlays that sit on the stand in front of the canoes. 

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