Kalai Koa Woods

Double Hull Cribbage Board Canoe (#DHCB16)

The two canoe of this double hull cribbage board is a matching set. It  has rich golden brown colors in the hull and curly tops and outrigger. Comes with six paddles for display and used when playing the game.  A personal case will be made for shipping outside the island of O'ahu.   

Hull length: 35.5"

Cribbage top length: 25"

Width: 4"

Total Canoe Width: 10"

Cribbage Board Wood: Solid koa with mango inlay 

Paddle Wood: Koa/Maple

Stringing: Black hemp cord

Price: $1800.00 + tax*

*+ shipping outside of O'ahu

$100 for shipping case 

Shipping and Handling Options

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